Students in Environmental Hydrology and Hydraulic Engineering benefit from a world-class faculty with diverse areas of expertise in the field of water resources science and engineering. Through cooperation with various departments, programs and researchers throughout the University, the EHHE program offers students a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary education, preparing them to address the complex problems that will await them as practicing water resources engineers.

The 11,000-square-foot Ven Te Chow Hydrosystems Laboratory features state-of-the-art equipment for hydraulics research.

A noteworthy research focus of the EHHE area is the Chicago area’s Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP), an ambitious public works project to control flooding and pollution in Lake Michigan and the Chicago River from sewer overflow. Illinois researchers are conducting ongoing research to optimize TARP, offering students opportunities for exposure to current, relevant research with significant human and environmental impact.

Researchers from EHHE also operate the Chicago Waterways Observatory, located where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan, which offers students an unparalleled perspective on this unique urban watershed.

Research interests of the EHHE faculty include:

  • International water resources development
  • River mechanics
  • Density currents
  • Large-scale hydrologic processes, hydrometeorology and hydroclimatology
  • Oceanic sedimentation
  • Submarine debris flows
  • Environmental systems analysis
  • Urban hydrology
  • Predictions in ungauged catchments
  • Groundwater hydrology and contamination
  • Mathematical modeling