Transfer Admissions

Q:  Does CEE accept transfer students?
A:  Yes, we accept highly qualified transfer students.
Q:  Do you have a GPA requirement?
A:  Yes, we require a 3.3 GPA or better with A's and B's, no C's in the technical coursework.
Q:  What Courses are required for transfer into CEE?
A: We would like to see MATH 220 or MATH 221, MATH 231, CHEM 102/103, CHEM 104/105, PHYS 211, completed before transfer.  We strongly encourage students to complete TAM 211.
Q:  Can I transfer to CEE as a freshman?
A: Freshman students who are not in the College of Engineering, who want to transfer to engineering must apply to the Pre-Engineering Program (PREP), more information can be found at:
Q:  What is the procedure for transferring to CEE for students who are freshman in the College of Engineering or sophomores/juniors from outside the College of Engineering?
A: Please visit: College of Engineering – Changing Majors. Complete a portfolio and visit with Becky Stillwell, Academic Advisor ( or 217-333-3812) to discuss your transfer in person. Once your portfolio is completed you must submit your petition form online.
Q:  What is the application deadline to transfer?
A: All transfer petitions are to be submitted by October 1 (spring semester) and April 1 (fall semester).  All petitions are reviewed by College of Engineering in 206 Engineering Hall.
Q:  I’m not sure if I want to transfer to CEE.  How can I learn more?
A:  Our CEE Undergraduate Handbook is a great document for learning about the curriculum.  Another good idea is see the Academic Adviser Becky Stillwell or Professor Jim LaFave. In addition, some students may wish to take CEE195, a one-credit class offered in fall semesters that addresses all aspects of civil engineering.

Questions? Contact Us.

Becky Stillwell
Academic Adviser 
1102 Newmark Civil Engineering Lab
205 N. Mathews Ave.
Urbana, IL  61801
(217) 333-3812