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Fall Registration Reminders and Upcoming Deadlines

Please make sure to double check your registration at the beginning of the semester to avoid problems with registration and unwanted tuition charges later. Students are responsible for their own registration and for ensuring the accuracy of their schedules. Please refer to the Graduate College Handbook for details about requirements. If you have questions about requirements, please contact your Department office.

Please take a look at these slides about Engineering Career Services.


Attached is the workshop and events lineup for Engineering Career Services


PhD Final Defense – Moses Leow
Conversion of Waste Organic Carbon and Nutrient Streams to Renewable Fuels Through
Integrated Biological Funneling and Catalytic Hydrothermal Upgrading
Advisors: Professor Timothy Strathmann and Professor Jeremy Guest
Date: Friday August 24th, 9:00 am
Location: Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory Room 3350


Tuesday, September 4, 1:30-3 p.m. Beckman Institute, room 5602

This event is for STEM graduate and undergraduate students interested in learning how networking can advance their career (in science policy or otherwise) and improve their networking skills. The event will feature a 45-minute workshop followed by practice with professionals. Light refreshments will be provided!


The State Farm Research and Development Center is seeking two interns for the upcoming Fall 2018 semester (August 27th - December 14th). A description of the project and skillsets needed is below. Those interested should apply via the State Farm career site for req2423, linked here:

This is a College of Engineering class designed for graduate students desiring to improve their teaching and leadership skills.


PhD Final Defense – Ardavan Ardeshirilajimi
Understanding Effects of Pre-Soaked Lightweight Aggregate on Volume Stability of Cement-Based Materials
Advisor: Associate Professor Paramita Mondal
Date: Wednesday August 1st, 2:00 PM
Location: 2218 Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory (NCEL)


2018 Transportation Engineering Internship is open to students who have Bachelor’s Degree in an accredited Transportation/Civil Engineering program.

Internship Deadline: Ongoing

Award Amount: Unpaid

Internship Type: Fulltime

Applicants can get more information through the given link:  Transportation Engineering Internship


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